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Attain Post-Separation Living Arrangement Solutions That Prioritize Your Interests

Angela Tritter is a licensed mortgage professional who’s certified in Divorce lending. She works with separating and divorcing couples, providing them with financial options that help them achieve their desired living arrangements.

Aside from the emotional turmoil they face, splitting couples also have to make major decisions regarding their living arrangements.

Everything a couple acquires during the marriage becomes collective property after the divorce, including their house. This means that couples have to decide the fate of their home after considering several factors, such as monthly costs, their children, income, credit, employment, debt, etc.

Every couple’s situation is unique, so no one financing solution fits all. A divorce specialist like Angela Tritter can help you evaluate relevant financing options so you can find a solution that best suits your needs.

Call Angela today to get no cost pre-qualified solutions that protect your interest!

Keep the Home

Separating Couples face two choices with the community home: keep or sell, but before weighing their options, they need to consider several factors.

Spouses who are interested in keeping the home will need to ask themselves: “Can I afford the monthly payments, taxes, and insurance?”, “Does my spouse require an equity buyout?”, and “Would I qualify for a loan?”

Based on the above answers, a Certified Divorce Lending Professional will take you through your options as you negotiate a settlement.

Specialty financing and rules are available to divorcing couples, but many of these solutions must be structured and incorporated into legal documents before the final signing of a court official or judge.   

You should consider all your options before signing the final decree.

Sell the Home

If the spouses decide to sell their home, they will need to decide where each of them will live after the divorce.

Each spouse must figure out if they qualify to buy a new home or if they should rent out a space.

A Certified Divorce Lending Professional like Angela, will guide you through your financial options and will help you determine whether you can obtain an approved loan to buy a new house.

In case you can’t buy new property at the moment, Angela will work with you to devise a financial plan that allows you to buy property in the future.

Boost Your Credit

Financial problems are often the reason that married couples choose to part ways.

Financial issues, along with emotional turmoil, can make it difficult for couples to meet their debt obligations and make payments on time. Both these factors cause your credit score to plummet.

Angela works with her clients to create a plan to improve their credit. This can be done by adding new lines of credit to your name (without your ex-partner) or adding proven credit professionals to the divorce team.  

With Angela’s advice, you should be able to rebuild your credit and have a solid financial plan to buy a home when you are ready.   

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